Chiropractic medicine deals with the pain coming from muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, and bones. Chiropractic is the safest drug-free alternative for pain management. 

The purpose of Chiropractic treatment is to: 

  • Align Spine
  • Treat Joint Dysfunction
  • Increase Ranges of Motion
  • Decrease Pain
  • Reduce Nerve Irritability
  • Restore Normal Joint Motion and Optimal Function


Chiropractic treatment is an ideal treatment option even for people who are not currently experiencing any sort of aches or pains in their bodies. Chiropractic treatment can be used as preventative and wellness care to reduce the likelihood of getting musculoskeletal problems in the future. 

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Dr. Yojana Shahi

Dr. Yojana Shahi

Doctor of Chiropractic


Chiropractic Medicine

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